Smoking Behaviors Of Street Childrens In Makassar Indonesia Oleh:Ridwan Amiruddin, Darmawangsa, Jumriani, Awaluddin, Darmawan, Nurul Azizah, Epidemiology Department, Public Health Faculty, Hasanuddin University Makassar

Street children are vulnerable groups of risky behavior, one of which is smoking behavior. Smoking behavior is influenced by several factors. This study aims to describe smoking behavior of street children in Makassar and its relation with school status, living with parents, family history of smoking, peer influence, and level of religiosity of the street children.
The research design used was analytical observational cross sectional study. Research was carried out in January until February 2013. The population of this study are 990 street children with the sample of 277 street children in Makassar. Sample election technique used is non probability in accidental sampling with inclusion criteria of respondents aged 10-19 years and Muslims. Data analyzed with chi square test with confidence interval of 95% (α=0.05).
Results of this research show that 48% of street children have ever smoked and 37.2% of street children were still smoking in the last 30 days. Results of statistical test using chi square test showed that there is a relationship between living with parents (p = 0.002; phi = -0196) and levels of religiosity (p = 0023; phi = -0137) with smoking behavior of street children that have the strength of a weak association. However, there was no relationship with school status (p = 0613), family history (p = 0874), and peer influence (p = 0157) with the smoking behavior of street children.
This research suggests to give education about dangers of smoking, provide religious values for them and involve them in religious social activities, family empowerment approach to parents to guide their children not to smoke, and optimize function of NGOs or shelters for street children.
Keywords : smoking behavior, street children, school status, living with parents, family history, peer influence, religiosity, Makassar


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